Can’t-Miss Lake Placid Event: 1980 Winter Olympics 40th Anniversary

1980 Winter Olympics

Lake Placid is one of the few cities that have hosted two Olympics, and this February is the 40th anniversary of the 1980 games. The 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics was a special event, resulting in stories passed down through generations. Those who didn’t attend, and even those who weren’t born yet, love the movie Miracle on Ice. That story took place right here in Upstate New York. Hotel North Woods, once called the Hotel Marcy, played an official role in the most recent Lake Placid Winter Olympics as the housing for the 1980 Olympic Committee. Join us in celebrating one of our favorite parts of our town’s history at these Lake Placid events.

Lake Placid Winter Olympics Anniversary Events

While there are countless fun Lake Placid winter activities to fill your time on vacation, such as speeding down Whiteface Mountain or sledding down the toboggan chute, these 10 Lake Placid events are a must. For a complete list of festivities and to stay up to date on the details, visit the town’s website.

1. Thursday, February 13

The Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum will open a new exhibit at the Olympic Center. Be sure to explore the rest of the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum throughout your stay.

2. Friday, February 14, 6:00 p.m.

Attend the opening ceremony of the anniversary week at the Horseshow Grounds, complete with a torch run, fireworks, and torch lighting. 

3. Monday, February 17

Try a new and adrenaline-filled sport at the Luge Start House. Learn to luge with Olympian Gordy Sheer.

4. Thursday, February 18, 7:00 p.m.

View Disney’s “Miracle” at the Palace Theatre. There will be popcorn, affordable tickets, and possibly some 1980s hockey players.

5 & 6. Wednesday, February 19

Head to Whiteface Mountain for two more Lake Placid Events: alpine and nordic skiing with Olympians. Whiteface has the best skiing out east, and you can even take lessons earlier in the week to prepare for these Lake Placid winter activities.

7. Thursday, February 20

Experience bobsledding with U.S. Bobsled Federation athletes at the Olympic Sports Complex. It’s about 15 minutes south of downtown Lake Placid, near the beautiful Mt Van Hoevenburg Recreation Area.

8. Friday, February 21

Just five minutes from our historic Lake Placid hotel, the Olympic Jumping Complex will host a family-friendly party on Friday evening. It’s 1980s themed, so be sure to sport your finest vintage outfit. Keep your eye out for special guest ski jumpers.

9 & 10. Saturday, February 22, 2:00–4:00 p.m.

The last two Lake Placid events on our list have overlapping times, so you’ll have to pick one based on your individual interests. The first is another sport—curling—at Lake Placid Beach at 2:00. The second is a vintage wine tasting at Terry Robards Wine & Spirits from 2–4. Both options are a great way to end your stay at Hotel North Woods.

Historic Adirondack Hotels near the Lake Placid Events

When you’re in town to celebrate a historic event, it’s only fitting that you stay at one of the most historic Adirondack hotels. Our Lake Placid Lodge has been here since 1927, although the story dates back even farther. Contact us today to book your stay at Hotel North Woods!


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