Co-Authors to present “The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait of Two American Families”

Presentation scheduled for Saturday, December 12th at 6:00pm

LAKE PLACID, NY. The Northwoods Inn announces an Author Series event scheduled for Saturday, December 12th at 6:00pm. The brand new book titled “The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait of Two American Families” follows the relationship between two families, the Rockwell and Edgerton families. The book is co-authored by Nan O’Brien and James “Buddy” Edgerton, 80, the former next door neighbor and a model for some of Norman Rockwell’s paintings. The presentation is free of charge.

You’ve seen his face a million times; now – for the first time – meet the man who inspired Norman Rockwell: Rockwell’s most illustrated Boy Scout, next door neighbor, and dear friend. Hear stories about Norman Rockwell, the private man, you’ve never heard before from the one man who knew him in a way no one else could – James A. “Buddy” Edgerton. And, for the first time, see an unknown Rockwell portrait that hung on his family’s wall for almost sixty years, a portrait Rockwell gave to the family personally, upon the death of Buddy’s young cousin.

The book is a new memoir that offers a deeply personal view of Norman Rockwell, and brings vividly to life the place and people of rural New England in the 1940s. The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait of Two American Families tells the story of the Edgerton and Rockwell families, next-door neighbors for 10 years in West Arlington, Vermont. Different in many respects—the Edgertons were a long-time farming family, while the Rockwells moved to Vermont from the urbane artist community of New Rochelle, New York—they found common ground in the values of work and decency, and forged a lasting friendship. Now, six decades later, Buddy Edgerton, who was a young teen when he first met Rockwell and frequently modeled for the artist, has written the story of his upbringing and created an intimate, affectionate portrait of the famous family who lived next door. History comes alive through Buddy’s lively and vivid description of the friendship between the Edgerton and Rockwell families. Filled with great anecdotes, Buddy’s presentation also includes unpublished pictures and memorabilia from his private archives. The 288-page book includes 32 pages of Rockwell’s illustrations in conjunction with the chapters and private family photographs which never have been published.

The book was successfully launched from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA on October 8, 2009 and included national media coverage. Local coverage included a two part special report from WCAX3, the CBS affiliate in Burlington, VT.

The book is fully supported by the Rockwell foundation, the Rockwell family and the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge.”Buddy Edgerton’s memoir offers a compelling glimpse of Norman Rockwell’s Arlington,” says Stephanie Plunkett, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Norman Rockwell Museum. And added, “the memoir is a warm reflection on the lives and times of beloved neighbors and friends who were immortalized in Rockwell’s art.” The book also includes a Foreword by media legend Dick Clark.

The evening begins at 6:00pm with a wine and cheese cocktail reception with the authors. Following the presentation guests are invited to join the authors at a dinner following the event. The Northwoods Inn will provide a 10% discount towards dinner at Northern Exposure restaurant following the presentation.

To learn more about the unique story of James A. “Buddy” Edgerton, Norman Rockwell’s close friend, next door neighbor, and favorite Boy Scout model, please visit

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