Carve Your Way Into Lake Placid

With so many things to do in Lake Placid NY, the inspiration is endless. Our forests have hundreds of pristine lakes and ponds, endless miles of rivers and streams, countless species of native wildlife and the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains bring many visitors each year. This year, Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience will be at Hotel North Woods, May 22-May 26, 2017. Entering its 7th year, the LPWE has established one of the country’s leading instructional events for woodcarving enthusiasts.

The spring session features many great artists carving spectacular pieces. You might find Al Jordan carving a life size Elf Owl, Charlie Phillips carving flowers, Julie Smith chip carving a trivet or walking stick, and Jim O’Dea teaching the Fundamentals of Woodcarving. The event will kick off the evening before with a reception at 7pm in the Hotel’s lounge area. Meet and greet your instructors and fellow carvers, with snacks and beverages. This will allow you to take some time to relax and get settled into our charming Hotel before the festivities begin.

Retreats & Workshops headerClasses start each morning at 8am to 4:30pm. During the LPWE events, there will be a mix of 3-5 day classes among the sessions. There will be enough time in all classes for carvers to complete and put the finishing touches on the projects without feeling rushed. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on site for your convenience as part of a package plan for the classes. For dinner, you are free to explore the city! There are plenty of fine restaurants within walking distance. If you’re looking for some southern comfort food, we recommend dining at our Delta Blue restaurant (it’s right next door to Hotel North Woods).

Many classes are expected to have a low student to instructor ratio for the most individual attention, with a few of the classes directed towards beginner students. If you are unsure or would like to join a class feel free to contact Jim O’Dea to discuss which class would fit best for you. For class reservations and further information, email Jim O’Dea at [email protected] or visit the website.

There are so many great places to explore along Main Street

For the non-carving companion, there are many sights to see and plenty of things to do in Lake Placid NY. Hotel North Woods is in the center of shopping, dining, and so much more. Our quaint town is known for picturesque hiking and walking trails, wilderness paddling opportunities, and year-round Adirondack hospitality. If you want some company for your adventure around Lake Placid, bring your furry friend! Hotel North Woods is happy to welcome your whole family, whether two legs or four.

This event is also open to the viewing public, so even if you’re not interested in taking a class, come by and check out all the amazing work of our very talented woodcarvers!

Hotel North Woods is excited to be a part of the Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience. There is so much to learn and see in and out of these classes. plan to come a few days early or make sure to stay a few days after, we will be glad to extend your stay at the same low room rate, just ask for the “extended woodcarver” rate. Because why wood you not want to stay longer?

Tracy Smith

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