Day Trip // Blueberry Acres

Nestled off of a back road in Ausable Forks, and a beautiful 40 minute drive from Lake Placid is Blueberry Acres; a pick-your-own blueberry farm owned and run by two gracious hosts, Sue and Jarry. Because of the many opportunities to explore our little corner of the Adirondacks along the route between Lake Placid and Ausable Forks, Blueberry Acres makes for a perfect day trip.

We set out with kids in tow early one afternoon with a hankering for adventure and blueberry pie. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches at the Corner Store in Lake Placid and ate in the car on our way to Ausable Forks. We arrived at Blueberry Acres in the early afternoon and were warmly greeted by both Sue and Jarry and were encouraged to eat as many berries as we liked along the way. And we did! Blueberry Acres is an organic farm, so no pesticides are used. Pints are $7 each and the blueberries at the end of July were plentiful and delicious.


It took us about a hour to fill two pints between the two and a half of us. Someone got bored along the way and quit early. This must happen a lot with the littlest pickers, because Sue and Jerry have added a playground to the property. Genius!


After our buckets and bellies were full, we said goodbye to Sue and Jarry and headed out to search for a spot to cool off on our way home. There are so many options for this along the way; The covered bridge swimming hole in Jay, Owen, Copperas and Winch ponds, the Wilmington Town Beach, and, our personal favorite, the Flume in Wilmington.


The Flume is located on the West Branch of the Ausable River and is one of the best swimming holes around. There are three different jumping heights on the rock ledges in the right of this photo and one higher one across the river that lands you in the “soft”, frothy water at the base of the waterfall (right about where our jumper’s ankles are in the photo above). We’ve also seen a few adventurous souls jump from much higher locations up the Ausable river at bit, but out of the view above.

The day wouldn’t be complete, of course, if it didn’t end with one of our favorite desserts; blueberry crumb pie. If you’ve never made it, blueberry pie is one of the easiest and fastest pies to make. We used a very simple recipe similar to this one from Bon Appetit, and made it even easier by using a ready-made crust.


So, if you’re looking for a great day trip with a little adventure and a tasty reward, this is a great one to consider!

Tracy Smith

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