Experience the Adirondack Colors this Fall

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Lake Placid Season Changes

We will soon be experiencing warm autumn days that slip into cool nights (dipping to the mid-30s to low 40s). This temperature change kicks off the vibrant colors of Fall in the Adirondacks as leaves of deciduous trees burst into bright yellows and reds. The colors and timing of the season’s change differ from year to year for a variety of reasons.  In the High Peaks Region around Lake Placid, peak foliage typically occurs during the last two weeks of September while the autumn colors bloom later in the lower elevations of the Adirondack Park. You can stay up-to-date on the season’s change at the Lakeplacid.com Fall Foliage Report. The variance of this beauty never ceases to amaze us.  Join us to see what mother nature decides to paint this year! 


View from the summit of Mt. Jo looking down on Heart Lake

This Fall is the perfect time to tackle the NEW Lake Placid 9’er Hiking Challenge.  Perfect for seasoned hikers as well as those who are new to hitting the trails, this challenge offers a chance to explore some of the Lake Placid region’s smaller peaks – all of which can be conquered in a morning or an afternoon. The nine peaks provide some of Lake Placid’s most breath taking views, without requiring the 4000+ ft climbs of the 46 Adirondack high peaks. The peaks, in order of difficulty, are: Cobble Hill, Mt. Jo, Baxter Mountain, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Big Crow Mountain, Bear Den Mountain (Wilmington), Pitchoff Mountain, Catamount Mountain, and Hurricane Mountain. Check out the Lake Placid 9’er website for detailed information on these hikes at lakeplacid9er.com

Scenic Drives in Lake Placid

Crisp Fall days are ideal for a scenic drive through the Lake Placid region. Hop in the car to discover some of our beautiful highways or get lost on our scenic town and village roads.  Pack a picnic and enjoy it in one of the quiet, remote spots around one of our tranquil lakes. The whole family will love this trip and you’ll treasure the vibrant scenery as you snap photos throughout the day!


Fall is coming; our rooms are ready, are you?  If you miss the peak conditions, don’t be too disappointed, you’ll still have the opportunity to take in the rich ranges of gold and maroon before the Lake Placid Adirondacks landscape is covered in a white winter blanket. The breathtaking views from our beautiful rooms will refresh your spirit and inspire you to start this new season on the right foot!

Tracy Smith

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