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Join us for the 2018 Ironman at our beautiful Lake Placid Inn. We think there is no better place for this race than the outstanding Olympic village of Lake Placid, in the Adirondack Mountains. Make sure to get our Hotel North Woods’ package for the 2018 Lake Placid Ironman! This package requires a minimum of a four-night stay, and we recommend booking your reservations early, so you don’t miss out, as room book quickly. There are special restrictions for our Ironman Reservations, such as a non-refundable first-night stay charge when you book your reservation. You will be charged the full balance a month before the race.

The Ironman Race

The Ironman originated in 1978, when John Collins, a naval officer stationed in Hawaii, came up with the idea to combine three of the toughest races offered on the island. An Ironman race is the toughest one-day endurance race in the world, covering 140 miles from start to finish. Athletes begin with a 2.4-mile swim, in Lake Placid. After a rapid transition, you jump onto your bike and get pedaling for the 112-mile biking segment, and finish the day by progressing into the running section, which is a regular length marathon, 26.2 miles. The Ironman race is a constant race; and once you’re in it, you don’t stop!

Despite the lengthy middle section of an Ironman race being 112-mile cycling segment, triathletes and cyclists are entirely different. Reaching the finish line is a great accomplishment, but you must do so within a specific time frame. You must complete the 2.4-mile swim segment in a maximum of two hours and twenty minutes. You are required to have completed both the swim and cycle segment within ten hours and thirty minutes, and you have sixteen hours and fifty minutes altogether.

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If you reach the finish line within this time, then you can you call yourself an Ironman, and come back to your Lake Placid Inn room to rest! As you can imagine Ironman participants train hard, an athlete prepares for approximately seven months to try qualifying for the Ironman World championship! We hope you’ll join us at our Lake Placid Inn, to enjoy this Olympic-like race!

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