5 Things to Do in Lake Placid

Things to Do in Lake Placid

Out of all the places to stay in Lake Placid, there’s no better place than the Hotel North Woods. Tucked away in the Adirondack Mountains, Hotel North Woods offers pet-friendly accommodations, multiple nearby eateries, and is walking distance from some of the area’s main attractions. You’ll have so many options when it comes to things to do in Lake Placid to fill your time, so where should you start? From visiting past sites of the Winter Olympics to various adventure activities, there are plenty of Lake Placid activities for everyone in your travel group.

Whiteface Mountain

Everyone loves enjoying the Winter Olympics every other year, but how unique would it be to actually visit some of the most famous sites where the event has been hosted not once, but twice? Welcome to Lake Placid, where one of the most popular things to do is to visit these past Olympic sites, especially Whiteface Mountain, where you can ski where the Olympians have in the winter, and in the summer, enjoy downhill mountain biking and gondola rides. You can also visit the Lake Placid Olympic Center, where the Lake Placid Olympic Museum is located so that you can learn the history of the Olympics in this small town. Another fantastic thing to do in Lake Placid this summer is to watch a figure skating show here on Saturday nights, where professional figure skaters perform weekly.

Ausable Chasm

If you and your family are more into the adventure side of things than sports, then you should check out the Ausable Chasm. As this is one of the oldest attractions in the area, this family-friendly activity usually involves floating down the river to see some unique rock formations. After this, though, there is the option for even more adventure on none other than the Adventure Trail, which features stunning views of these rock formations and high cable bridges to some otherwise inaccessible areas.

High Falls Gorge

However, if you love nature, but don’t love tons of adventure, the High Falls Gorge might be the Lake Placid activity for you. This involves a 30-minute self-guided tour that will bring you to waterfalls, amazing rock formations, and deep forests. This is easily one of the best ways to experience the natural landscape of the Adirondacks, and it’s incredibly close to one of the best places to stay in Lake Placid, Hotel North Woods.

The Adirondack Experience

If history is more your thing, there are plenty of historical sites in the area as well, including the Adirondack Museum. Here, you’ll experience one of the most educational Lake Placid activities, as you’ll be able to learn the deep history of the town you’re staying in. There are 22 exhibition galleries, historic buildings, and the opportunity to learn about everything the town is known for.

John Brown Farm and Fort Ticonderoga

Still on the historical side of things, another great thing to do in Lake Placid is to visit John Brown Farm and Fort Ticonderoga. Both of these places are historic sites marking distinct periods in American history. Fort Ticonderoga has endured two different wars and five separate battles, and John Brown’s farm marks the history and grave of John Brown, a renowned abolitionist. Both sites are incredibly interesting and educational, as well as being some of the most exciting things to do in Lake Placid.

Things to Do in Lake Placid

Whether you’re interested in history, sports, or the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From taking a beautiful scenic walk to High Falls Gorge to visiting famous historical sites like Fort Ticonderoga, everyone in your group will find something of interest to do in this famous Olympic town. And these activities don’t even scratch the surface—there are more hidden gems around every turn.

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